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Criminal Defense

If you are an adult or juvenile who has been charged with a crime, whether a misdemeanor or felony, it is important to have a competent attorney who can properly advise you of your rights and options.

Experienced with a variety of criminal charges

The attorneys at Robert E. Long & Associates are experienced in handling criminal matters in both state and federal courts, from minor infractions to the most serious felonies, including assault & battery, domestic assault & battery, drug possession, intent to distribute, petit and grand larceny, white-collar fraud and embezzlement, breaking & entering, robbery, sex offenses, and even rape and murder charges.

Representation on your behalf

In Virginia, each Commonwealth Attorney’s office has multiple prosecutors on hand who are aggressive in convicting defendants. Criminal defendants need representation by an attorney who will fight zealously on their behalf as well.

Your strong criminal defense begins with an experienced attorney.

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Personal service

At Robert E. Long & Associates, we work hard to provide the best representation to our clients and to present the strongest possible defenses for them. In every criminal case, it is vital that your defense attorney understands the impact the charge will have on you and your family.


In order to provide comprehensive representation, the client must have an open line of communication with his or her attorney. We are dedicated to making sure you have enough “facetime” with your attorney in order for you to adequately understand your legal situation as well as for your attorney to learn about the case from your perspective.

Keeping you fully informed

Our attorneys diligently research and evaluate the possibility of getting your charge dismissed. We review your criminal file, speak to the prosecutor assigned to your case, interview police officers and other relevant witnesses, and examine all available evidence in an effort to give you the best counsel available.


We then relay all of the information to you and advise you of the possible outcomes should the case go to trial as well as the pros and cons of accepting a plea offer from the Commonwealth or US Attorney vs. going to trial to seek an acquittal.

Constant advocacy to minimize your penalties

In the cases where accepting a plea offer is advisable, our attorneys will continue to do everything possible to minimize the harm to you. We take into account your criminal background (or lack thereof), other ongoing legal proceedings you may be a part of, as well as your personal, family, and employment situation throughout our representation and tailor our advice accordingly.


In many cases where an outright dismissal is unavailable, we can secure a reduction of your charge or negotiate for a deferred or suspended jail sentence. We also work to minimize any fines assessed to you and ensure that any probationary conditions placed on you are fair and can be realistically completed without issue.

Proper guidance at every step

In every criminal case, your best chance for a positive outcome is to have an attorney who can properly advise you every step of the way.


The attorneys at Robert E. Long & Associates are personable, experienced, and effective. We know the law and get real results for our clients.


Located in Hampton, Virginia, the firm primarily services clients and cases throughout the Peninsula and Southside Hampton Roads, including Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach as well as in Gloucester, Williamsburg (and all of James City County) and York County (Yorktown & Poquoson). Additionally, the firm also routinely handles matters throughout the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. Call us today at 757-723-7742 to schedule a FREE in-person consultation.