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Business Law

From new business start-ups to ongoing business representation, we can offer guidance to help protect your business and investment from unnecessary liabilities, both legal and financial. We handle all business matters from formation of a corporation or limited liability company to sale or dissolution of your business. We have broad experience with small family businesses and multimillion dollar enterprises.


Civil litigation matters are often much more complex than criminal or family matters due to the large amount of legal documents often required to be drafted and the applicability of statutes of limitations to your particular cause of action. The “Art” of practicing law matters more in civil litigation than perhaps in any other field of law. Because of this, it is important that you consult with a competent attorney from a law firm experienced in handling these types of issues.


It is also important to contact an attorney right away. The Statute of Limitations on your case is the “Sword of Damocles” for all legal causes. The Statute of Limitations, once passed, bars a litigant’s possibility of recovery for that particular event or claim forever! For that reason, persons with legal claims need to consult with a competent attorney as early in the claims process as time and circumstances permit. This allows the attorney time to investigate, determine theories and causes of action, do legal research and, finally institute litigation before the Statute of Limitations “runs” or has passed. Keep in mind that most experienced law firms and skilled trial lawyers will not accept cases where litigants have waited until the last minute to engage counsel. Last minute attempts to find a competent lawyer do not allow the lawyer sufficient time for the pretrial preparation required and may severely jeopardize your chances of success.


The attorneys at Robert E. Long & Associates, Ltd. have experience handling virtually every type of civil claim including:

Contract Disputes:

These cases can involve everyone from a grandmother to a neighbor to a car purchaser to a multi-million dollar real estate developer. A contract dispute exists when the other party to a contract breaks their agreement with you, fails to perform, performs poorly, walks off the job, or otherwise fails to honor the agreement they had with you.


Often contract disputes are motivated by the financial inability of the other party to perform their part of the bargain because they are in financial distress.


The quicker you can seek competent legal counsel to guide you to a financial recovery, the more likely your chance for full and complete relief. It is important to collect your money from the defendant before another party can collect theirs – leaving the defendant destitute! Contract disputes are an example of that proverbial adage, “The early bird catches the worm!”

Experienced counsel for all types of civil claims

The attorneys at Robert E. Long & Associates, Ltd. have experience handling virtually every type of civil claim.

• Contract disputes

• Defamation

• Administrative law

• Personal injury cases

• Other civil litigation

• Experienced Counsel For All Types of Civil Claims

Acting quickly is important in your civil litigation. Contact us today for the best results.

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In Virginia, defamation can be broken down into 3 major categories: libel - written lies and falsehoods, slander - oral lies or falsehoods, and Virginia’s “Insulting Words” statute -which makes it actionable when one speaks certain insulting words directly to you.


The founder of our firm, Robert E. Long, Esquire was the lead prevailing attorney in the seminal Virginia defamation case: Satern v. Montgomery Ward, 234 Va. 303 (1987) which now helps define the Virginia law of defamation.

Personal injury cases

Generally, “good” personal injury cases that demand substantial payouts only arise when a party suffers a catastrophic physical injury. Lesser injuries may also be compensable with a monetary recovery, but our legal system is designed to base the dollar amount of recovery on the degree of physical injury suffered.


Because these cases are so important personally to the client, because the losses suffered can be so debilitating and life altering, and because our system generally only allows a litigant one trial, selection of the right legal team really matters. Having an attorney who is available to personally answer your questions and to guide you through the often long process can make all the difference.

Other civil litigation

We live in an increasingly complex society and civil litigation can take many forms. It may be impossible to find an attorney who has experience in every imaginable situation. However, our lawyers have over 50 years of combined trial experience in a wide variety of fields. We understand complex legal issues. Let our lawyers use that experience to help you!


No matter the type of case, your best chance for a positive outcome is to have an attorney who can properly advise you each step of the way. The attorneys at Robert E. Long & Associates are personable, experienced, and effective. We know the law and get real results for our clients.


Located in Hampton, Virginia, the firm primarily services clients and cases throughout the Peninsula and Southside Hampton Roads, including Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach as well as in Gloucester, Williamsburg (and all of James City County) and York County (Yorktown & Poquoson). Additionally, the firm also routinely handles matters throughout the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. Call us today at 757-723-7742 to schedule a FREE in-person consultation.

Administrative Law:

This field of legal practice is unique unto itself. Generally, the well recognized Rules of Evidence do not apply. Often, hearsay is admissible. The rules of the forum or the administrative agency before which you must appear govern. Instead of traditional Judges, Hearing Examiners or Administrative Law Judges make the decisions.


Whether your Administrative Law case is won or lost depends upon the facts, the prehearing preparation and the full and complete establishment of a record at the first evidentiary hearing. Without a properly presented case and a well documented record, administrative appeals are seldom granted.


Because of these factors, it is important to have an attorney on your side who understands that Administrative Law cases function differently than “normal” cases do and who goes into the hearing well-prepared.